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Being from Iowa, it’s only natural at some point in your life that you’ll end up meeting someone in a corn field.  All kidding aside, this is exactly how I met one of my best friends, Taylor Morris. In the summer of 2003, I was randomly assigned by my detasseling superior to be the leader of a row with a bunch of 14 year old “kids.” Being 18 myself, I was disappointed to be separated from friends my age.  This tiny moment in time changed my life forever.

Our friendship sparked immediately and from that day on, I spent almost every day with Taylor and his friends working on cars, motorcycles and having all sorts of dangerous adventures.  He and his group of tight knit friends kept the boy in me alive.  At the time, I was self conscious about hanging out with such young guys, but we simply had the best time, so I quickly got over it.  They still knew how to be adventurous, live to the fullest and sometimes be tastefully mischievous.

Taylor and I remained close friends until he graduated from high school.  After high school, Taylor pursued a career with the Navy.  I was less than thrilled with his decision, but tried to stay supportive none-the-less.  I told him, if he even once felt like the military wasn’t the right path that he should drop out and we could go to ninja school together.  I didn’t see him much and we didn’t stay in touch very well.  He ended up becoming a member of an elite class of soldiers known as the EOD. The Explosive Ordinance Disposal teams are the first men on the battle field.  They clear paths of explosives for other soldiers, literally putting their lives on the line for their fellow men.  The last time he was in Cedar Falls was over Christmas, 2011.  I missed the opportunity to catch up because shorty after, Taylor was deployed to Afghanistan.  So when I received this message from Taylor, Sunday June 10th, 2012, I was thrilled.


Tim Dodd Photography receives a text from his friend Taylor Morris from Cedar Falls Iowa

This text message made me leap out of my chair, a single tear come to my eye, and immediately start searching for flights.


If you don’t know why this text message is anything but extraordinary, let me back up 6 weeks.

On May 3, 2012, Taylor stepped on an IED.  When the news hit our hometown of Cedar Falls, Iowa, our community dropped to their knees.  The damage Taylor sustained was extremely severe.  The explosion blew off his legs, his left arm and his right hand.  After receiving immediate medical attention in Afghanistan, he transferred to a hospital in Germany, and May 6th was taken to Walter Reed Medical Academy in Washington DC to begin the long rehabilitation process.

That following week his closest friends began meeting nightly to figure out how best to help support Taylor. Within days we had a website, a facebook page, a twitter feedT-shirt and bracelet designs, and were working hard on planning a benefit event for Taylor.

I’m not here to tell you about what happened to Taylor in great detail, or to try and keep you up to date with his day-to-day life;  I’m here to share with you what I witnessed when his childhood friend, Neal Price and I had the honor of catching up with an old friend this past weekend.


Tim Dodd Photography Cedar Falls Iowa vists friend Taylor Morris. Taylor is a quad amputee who lost his limbs while serving in Afghanistan

We arrived in Washington DC at 12:30 a.m. on Saturday, June 16, following a quick flight directly from Chicago.  We went straight to bed so we could see Taylor in the morning.  I was a little nervous to see Taylor, not knowing if I’d be emotional or if Taylor would really care to hang out too much. I wasn’t sure what to expect and those thoughts kept me up that night.

The following morning we rushed up to Taylor’s room as soon as Danielle (Taylor’s long-time girlfriend) sent us a text message saying they were up and ready.  We walked into the room to see Taylor sitting in his wheelchair, Danielle on his hospital bed, and a nurse at their side dressing Taylor’s wounds on his legs.  I had seen many pictures of Taylor in this state, so I was ready to see his injuries up close and personal.  Taylor and Danielle both flashed us a quick smile, but their attention immediately returned to the dressing.  This anti-climatic greeting helped ease my nerves.  It made me immediately snap out of any thoughts of pity or feeling sorry and put me right smack in the middle of his current life.

Once the nurse left, we picked up conversation where we left off years before.  Taylor is still the exact same person he always was.  We talked about everything: Cars, motorcycles, the incident itself, their future, their plans, their goals and expectations.



Taylor showed us around his room, showed off all the tricks he’s acquired in the past month, and joked around with us just like always.  The passionate spark was still in his kind eyes when he laughed, but they are even more lit up when he looks into Danielle’s eyes.  He admires the beautiful woman he has at his side.  He adores her, and rightfully so.


Tim Dodd Photography visits his long time friend Taylor Morris from Cedar Falls Iowa who is a quad amputee from injuries fighting in Afghanistan

Taylor and Danielle’s bodies work in perfect harmony; she selflessly sacrifices temporary use of her own limbs to serve as Taylor’s many times throughout the day.


More of our hometown friends met up that Saturday afternoon.  Chris and Kathryn drove up from North Carolina, six hours each way to spend two hours with Taylor and Danielle.  We all had such a good time reminiscing about things back home and about all the trouble Taylor and “the boys” had caused in Cedar Falls back in the day.  He’s still as daring as ever before.  On our way to a barbecue, Taylor spontaneously decided to go off-roading and try to climb a large dirt mound on his electric wheelchair, to the amusement and surprise of us all. Taylor blew us all away with his attitude.  He didn’t slow down, he didn’t complain ONCE, and he is sincerely thankful for his second chance at life. This attitude is contagious and immediately obvious to all those who work with Taylor on a day-to-day basis. You can tell in his big, puppy dog eyes that he is genuinely thankful for the love, support and encouragement he’s been receiving from everyone.


Tim Dodd Photography Cedar Falls Iowa visits friend and quad amputee Taylor Morris who was injured while serving in Afghanistan

Taylor and Danielle still stop and enjoy the little things. Although it’s not holding hands while watching a movie, nub holding will suffice.


We were in the room with Taylor one night watching a movie when a new nurse came in to give him his pills.  She’s a kind, soft spoken Jamaican woman, who after briefly chatting with Taylor said, “Boy, you have a beautiful attitude.” Her face lit up when he nodded modestly with a soft spoken, humble “Thank you.” As she walked out of the room, she gently proclaimed “You’re such a sweetheart.” Come to find out, admiration from the staff at Walter Reed comes often for Taylor.

Another Doctor told Taylor, “You’re the most injured one here, yet you’re the easiest to work with.”  I couldn’t agree more.  Taylor didn’t complain to them even when things weren’t ideal.  You can tell his goal is not to stay in that room, it’s to get out and continue his life as soon as possible.

Other patients, even the older ones, seem to look up to Taylor.  Everywhere he hurriedly goes on his motorized wheelchair, he leaves a trail of inspired people.  It seems an often occurrence that Taylor is speeding down the hall with Danielle’s teasing voice of concern soon to follow.


Tim Dodd Photography of Cedar Falls Iowa visits friend Taylor Morris a quad amputee injured while serving in Afghanistan

Juli caused quite the stir when she told the physical trainer that he’s taking it too easy on Taylor. She was right, though…Taylor is there to work hard.


Speaking of voices of concern, Taylor’s mom Juli is always close by.  She’s there as a constant reminder of how important things like posture, bands around his legs, compression sleeves, getting vertical and eating good food are.  Juli is not (and never has been) your typical mom.   She picks on Taylor now just like she always has, which is good for Taylor because it subconsciously serves as a reminder that there’s nothing wrong with YOU. She likes to triple check all the work done by the doctors–not because she doesn’t trust the doctors or Danielle’s watchful eye–she’s just a mom, and that’s what moms do.

Danielle is an incredible woman.  She dropped everything she was doing, put her plans aside, and rushed to Taylor’s side.  I remember when Taylor and her first started dating in high school. We teased him thinking she might be trouble.  Now I would still agree with that, she is trouble.  She helps Taylor cause mischief around the hospital. Things like drag racing wheelchairs against him or stealing the whole two gallon tub of ice cream from the hospital freezer, she helps Taylor stay Taylor.


Tim Dodd Photography Cedar Falls Iowa visits Taylor Morris his quad amputee friend who lost his limbs fighting in Afghanistan

I think this picture portrays them best. Taylor working his absolute hardest while Danielle looks onward admiringly.


She even challenges him constantly in the smallest ways.  While she was laying in Taylor’s bed, Taylor asked if she wanted ice cream. Without hesitation she purposefully requested, “Sure, pass it down.”  You could tell by the little smirk on her face that she was giving him a challenge and forcing him to use his manners.  This tiny challenge, something that would be so easy for you or me, is a much bigger ordeal for Taylor.  Most of us would feel sorry for Taylor and get up and serve ourselves, but she knows these challenges will help him regain his independence.  Taylor has never ever backed down from a challenge and this attitude still lives on with him. She doesn’t baby Taylor because she fully knows Taylor isn’t a baby, he’s a full grown, incredibly strong man who is on a long, grueling path towards normalcy.



Their life together consists of new routines.  Most days it’s in and out of physical therapy, wound care and the prosthetic lab.  Danielle is always there and takes as much of the events on herself as she can.  My favorite thing is how even during these routines, they still find time to flirt and continue showing their love to one another constantly.


Tim Dodd Photography Cedar Falls Iowa visits friend Taylor Morris, a quad amputee who lost all four limbs while fighting in Afghanstan

There’s a lot of waiting to be had. Although the waits are annoying, they chit chat to keep each other company.


Their routine days are beginning to draw to a close as Taylor continues to make progress.  While Neal and I were there, we got the feeling he didn’t want to be left out when we went out to dinner, or downtown DC, so he didn’t exclude himself.  We could not have been more ecstatic to know we didn’t have to split our time between site seeing and Taylor.  He simply came with us.  This milestone of leaving the hospital and traveling downtown will surely remain in all of our minds.  It was Taylor literally at the crossroads between patient and civilian.  I loved seeing his eyes sparkle when we saw the rockets at the Air and Space museum, or when we went through the art exhibits at the Hirshhorn Art Museum.


Tim Dodd Photography Cedar Falls Iowa visits friend Taylor Morris who is a quad amputee who lost his limbs fighting in Afghanistan

Taylor and Danielle clearly still living, smiling and loving at the Hirshhorn Sculpture Museum.


Tim Dodd Photography Cedar Falls Iowa visits friend Taylor Morris who is a quad amputee who was injured while serving in Afghanistan

Taylor and Danielle still have the same love for life they’ve always  had. I know she misses his hands as much as he does, but they’re moving on.


If there’s one thing I learned this weekend, it is that Taylor remains to be his typical humble, adventurous, fun, sincere and passionate self.  He does not want to be called a hero.  He states “I was simply doing my job, which I knew the risks of. The people who went into known danger to save my life are the real heros.” Taylor might not want to acknowledge being a hero on the battle field, but in my opinion, he can’t deny being the strongest inspiration to everyone who hears his story.  The bomb took much more than his limbs, it took his independence, privacy, ease of living and maybe most importantly to him and Danielle, their favorite way of showing love for one another, hand holding.  Yet through all this, Taylor is determined.  He is not letting his situation get him down or even get in his way.  He soldiers on fighting to make strides not only for himself, but for Danielle, for his family, for his friends, for his community and for his country.  I told Taylor, “When you feel like slowing down, just remember we’re all waiting for you to come home so we can hang out.” I could tell in the intensity of his stare, he took that as an order.


Tim Dodd Photography Cedar Falls Iowa vists friend Taylor Morris. Taylor is a quad amputee who lost his limbs while serving in Afghanistan


When I first met Taylor, I really hoped he looked up to me. I’m in awe by how much the tables have turned. I don’t look up to anyone more than I look up to Taylor.  He’s the greatest inspiration, the strongest fighter, and he will continue to amaze us all with his progress.


Tim Dodd Photography Cedar Falls Iowa vists friend Taylor Morris. Taylor is a quad amputee who lost his limbs while serving in Afghanistan

So back to that text message I received from Taylor June 10th, this is how he did it.


Tim Dodd Photography Cedar Falls Iowa vists friend Taylor Morris. Taylor is a quad amputee who lost his limbs while serving in Afghanistan


Tim Dodd Photography Cedar Falls Iowa vists friend Taylor Morris. Taylor is a quad amputee who lost his limbs while serving in Afghanistan

Taylor working with Danielle and his physical trainer.


Tim Dodd Photography Cedar Falls Iowa vists friend Taylor Morris. Taylor is a quad amputee who lost his limbs while serving in Afghanistan

Taylor and his friend since age 4, Neal Price.


Tim Dodd Photography from Cedar Falls Iowa visits friend Taylor Morris, a quad amputee veteran injured in duty while in Afghanistan.

Me, Chris, Kathryn, Taylor, Danielle and Neal at a cookout on Walter Reed’s base.


Tim Dodd Photography Cedar Falls Iowa vists friend Taylor Morris. Taylor is a quad amputee who lost his limbs while serving in Afghanistan

Taylor waiting to receive wound care from the so called “wound wizards.”


Tim Dodd Photography Cedar Falls Iowa vists friend Taylor Morris. Taylor is a quad amputee who lost his limbs while serving in Afghanistan

Because of men like Taylor, we live in a free country, the great United States of America.

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    1. Kim, his address is Taylor Morris,
      General Delivery/WRNMMC/Postal Ops
      8901 Wisconsin Ave, Bethesda, MD 20889-5600.
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    2. one for the books… believe me when i say i realize that many of our selfless men have sacrificed in Afghanistan but this story aounds incredibly familiar to me? my employee Mary has a son who, last year or so, reported home to his parents in complete hysterics that one of his closest conrades on his squad had stepped on an explosive and had the injuries same as taylor. you don't think……?

  65. Seriously, someone send this link to the Pulitzer people. This is world-class photography. Bravo and thank you. Give Taylor a hug for me!

  66. But why? Why did he have his limbs blown off? What good did it do? For whose benefit? Why was he in that place? What a horror for that young man and his loved ones–and we must ask WHY.

  67. You're a very talented photographer, but an even better friend. Please tell your buddy Taylor that MY FAMILY appreciates his service to our country (metalheads from San Antonio, TX mm/). and please tell his wife that she embodies all of what love is. My very favorite part of all these pictures (along with your post processing.. :D) is how her smile never changes. They are inspiring on so many levels. Great job.

  68. Yeah, the 'Great United States of America" right, the country that sends it's precious sons to fight a war that should never have been. Taylor is a hero, sorry but our countries leaders suck pond water.

  69. Incredible Story, Amazing Pictures. Very touching and as a Military wife I can totally understand Danielle's drive and love for him. Through Thick and Thin…
    Taylor is a Great Warrior all the way… Keep it up! Sending positive thoughts for a speedy recovery and I am sure a great awaiting future!

  70. Incredible Story, Amazing Pictures. Very touching and as a Military wife I can totally understand Danielle's drive and love for him. Through Thick and Thin…
    Taylor is a Great Warrior all the way… Keep it up! Sending positive thoughts for a speedy recovery and I am sure a great awaiting future!

  71. Thank you, Taylor Morris, for the sacrifice you made for US. You are truly inspirational. I will never look at my problems the same way again. You and Danielle are lucky to have each other. You made your sacrifice for our country and now she's making her sacrifice staying at your side. God bless you both. –Linda Evans, Aurora CO

  72. Wonderful Love story, They have made it this far, They will be one of the few couples that stay together until the end, This is True Love, God Bless and Keep as He always does, Love and Prayers, from Zadie. My Hollis went to Heaven a year ago last Easter, of True Love of 54 years.

  73. What a wonderful story of a young man who serves his country and has given so much of himself that we can live peacefully…it has been a great story to follow. Thank you, Taylor for your service to our wonderful country. God Bless You.

  74. Thank you for all that you have done for our country. You are an insperation to me personally. I am an Army Vet, no I did not go to any war but my ex husband was in desert storm and my son has been to Iraq and Africia. (Army both of them) I have so much Pride in you, and once again I personally THANK you from the bottom of my heart. Keep on the road that you are on, and the blessings that you are receiving will be many…so totally enjoy. Thank you for sharing your story, so Proud!

    1. His bravery and her loyalty are what the United States used to be known for. It is encouraging to know that those qualities still exist in a few.

  75. The love that Danielle and Taylor share is simply amazing and most people can only dream of having that friendship, love and loyality to one another. Thank You Taylor for serving our country…You are amazing. God Bless you and your family.

  76. This made my heart pound out of my chest. I barely have any words to say other than thank you for your great sacrifice and for your testimony that no matter what happens, if you still have a life to live you must always get back up because it is a gift from God. This inspires me to do better in a multitude of ways in my own life. As for Danielle, she's an inspiration of what I need to be as a soon to be Army wife. God bless all of you, the staff at Walter Reed and others who are in the military and their families!

  77. Amazing photos and story of an amazing man. God bless you, Taylor! God has blessed America with you and your fellow soldiers who protect us! Beautiful work, Tim!

  78. This is truly one of the most inspirational story that I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Taylor is truly an American Hero and Danielle is an amazing woman for everything that she is doing to make sure that he succeeds in life! Good luck to both of ya'll on this journey! God Bless!

  79. This is truly one of the most inspirational story that I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Taylor is truly an American Hero and Danielle is an amazing woman for everything that she is doing to make sure that he succeeds in life! Good luck to both of ya'll on this journey! God Bless!

  80. His body may have been affected by the mine explosion, but this young mans attitude and personality are a extraordinary as they come. God bless you and your family. You will be in our family prayers

  81. Thank you hero! You are a hero in so very many ways. What beautiful photos and the story is so touching. God Bless all of you. Danielle, you are an amazing young woman. Keep standing by your man. <3

  82. Taylor, my husband is with the 2–174 ADA, and just finished eyear long deployment to Washington D.C.
    Words cannot express my gratitude for your sacrifice for this great country! From one military family to another, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

  83. Taylor, you are an amazing and wonderful person. May you continue to be positive and with a smile. God bless you and Danielle. I'm a Marine mom and my son is currently in Afghanistan. Thanks for fighting for freedom.

  84. there really are not adequate words to express my heartfelt gratitude to Taylor for his valiant service to our country, and to you Tim Dodd for so terrifically recording his story..God Bless you all…


  86. He is what I always called a real warrior,,, I was a Navy Corpsman,,, I saw these guys all the time, the honor the courage and the commitment is not just a saying for them and not for their ladies either…they are my heroes! Tell him Semper Fi and God Bless,, to him and his lady!

  87. Taylor and Danielle, I just want to let you know your story of love is reaching beyond American's hearts. This beautiful story of giving and receiving love is now touching many brazilian-portuguese speakers' hearts. Taylor, Danielle and Tim, thanks for sharing your lives with all of us.

  88. I would just like to thank you, as well as Taylor and Danielle for sharing this story. It is incredible how the bond of the military family goes beyond those we serve next to and those who we have witnessed in the midst of their brave acts to encompass all who serve. I watched my father, most male family members as well as many close friends join all branches of the military and I myself am a Mental Health and Rehabilitation counselor at our local VA hospital for returning vets. This story was so inspiring to read and to see through your beautiful pictures, it puts life into perspective!

  89. May the Lord bless you above and beyond your expectations, may this COUNTRY look out for you, reward you and keep you in great care! You have a great women by your side and may the lord bless her ten fold for her unconditional love and may u both share an amazing new life and new beginnings and new memories that will only bring good, bring health, bring rewarding situations and a future of everlasting love!

  90. I have been following Taylor since this accident happened. He is a inspiration and a very strong and amazing man. This story of your friendship is amazing. Danielle is amazing too. Love like that doesn't come around that easy and it is amzing to see the connection and looking at how she looks at him you know that is love. God Bless you Taylor I know you will do great.

  91. Thank You Tim for sharing this story with us! Taylor has an incredable spirit & Danielle is so dedicated to him! An amazing story that I will continue to follow!

  92. What a great story and such a great guy! So many of us take our lives and our freedoms for granted, when these unselfish heroes put it all on the line for us everyday. Pray for them and our country!

  93. I just saw Taylor's story on the Today Show and I am in awe of his strength, courage, sense of self and the determination it must take to go on each day and not want to give up or in, along the way. What an inspiration he AND Danielle are. This is not only a story of self commitment and determination but also a truly beautiful love story. Thank you for sharing their story with all of us in such an intimate way. You are a beautiful writer and story-teller Tim. The next time I want to feel sorry for myself or give in to feelings of self-pity or envy, I will remember Taylor, a true American hero.

  94. thank you taylor for your service. you are an inspiration. danielle thank you for giving all of us hope that true love does exist. god bless you both on this journey. you gave me hope that there are good people still left in this world.

  95. This is the most beautiful story I have ever had the pleasure of reading! I hope he continues to be as happy and does not let life get him down! I want to send my personal wishes for a happy life for him and danielle! -Joanie

  96. Happened to stumble upon Taylor's story on Pinterest. My boys and I are mesmerized by your story and photos – they are incredible. And I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Taylor for his bravery in serving our country and positive attitude towards life. He's an inspiration.

  97. Hello Tim, I'm from Brazil and do not really know how I got to your blog, maybe was about the photographs because I am a beginner photographer. But the beautiful story of friendship and support for Taylor is amazing. God bless you and Danielle and even more to Taylor. Hugs from Brazil..

  98. Taylor and Danielle: Thank you both so much for your sacrifice and your willingness to endeavor to persevere. Taylor thank you for your service to our Country and to Danielle for your strength to stand by your love of this very courageous man. All of our service men and women plus their family and friends are owed an incredible dept of gratitude for their service! God bless you both!

  99. So thankful to be included in such a great story. I am a daughter of 100% disabled Vet. My Dad's arms were blown off in Korea, he too had an amazing attitude, one such as Taylors. Taylor, keep up the awesome job, you are loved and supported, and an inspiration to us all…..Much Love, Michelle.

  100. Amen for Taylor and for his support group. You are all so deserving of one another. What accomplishments! Keep it up!

  101. Words cannot define the admiration of a total stranger except to say thank you for sharing an amazing story of love and courage.

  102. I love this. I also love the picture of him and Danielle in the hospital bed watching a movie–he's a Steelers fan, just like I am :) God bless you, Taylor and Danielle.

  103. This is an amazing story! The photography was just outstanding! You are very brave and strong, and so blessed to have Danielle, your family and friends. Thank you for protecting our freedom! You will be in my prayers, Taylor. God bless you!

  104. What a beautiful story. Thank you Taylor and Danielle.. May your love carry you through the years with peace.

  105. This story couldn't have found me at a better time…add one more person to your list of admirers. Thank you Taylor!

  106. Taylor is surely an inspiration to us all. May he and Danielle have a wonderful life together. Thank you for posting his story…it makes my day feel brighter because of them.

  107. He is amazing, the love of his life is amazing and you put together an amazing story. I love someone in Afghanistan right now who has lost friends throughout the years due to war and I am humbled by all of our warriors and their selfless sacrifice. Thank you, Taylor and May the Good Lord continue to bless you and yours and to bless our great nation. Merry Christmas everyone!

  108. Dear Tim! Thank you for this very inspirative story.. I am sorry for Taylor´s injuries, but I really admire his brave heart and happy spirit… And Danielle and all of his family and friends are just georgeous… anyway- the progress Taylor made in the last months is really heroic… I will follow them and wait for some shaved face pictures of this handsome man (I know it´s a bit inappropriate remark in this situation…) and his love Danielle :-)

  109. God bless you! You have an amazing spirit! Thank you for your sacrifice! My father is coming home today from a rehab facility following a left below-the-knee amputation. He had already had his right leg amputated below-the-knee in 2001, all related to diabetes. I want to share this story with him to inspire him. Thank you for the inspiration!

  110. This is a beautiful story and Taylor is an amazing person, and so fortunate to have such a lovely person like Danielle beside him! God Bless both of you!

    My husband just stumbled across a stack of picture's held together with a red plastic tie, he looked at the beautiful pictures and brought it home for me to see. After the story that the pictures told, I was so inspired to find out who these incredible people are, that I goggled the name I saw at the bottom of one of the photos! My husband wants to return them to the rightful owner. But we are so glad we got to see this incredible story!

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  112. Taylor and Danielle are both an inspiration beyond words….I am humbled by their determination, dedication and love for one another. Thank you Taylor for so bravely serving our country and for your sacrifice. Wishing you continued success in your healing and rehab. Wishing you and Danielle a lifetime of happiness. God bless you.

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  114. My dad sent me an email with the photo story of Taylor Morris and Danielle, I watched several times in one day, and cried every time. I had to show it to my husband and kids. This is love!!! The two photos that got me the most are Danielle carrying Taylor up the stairs, what a woman!!! Secondly when they are dancing together, the admiration in Taylor's eyes for Danielle is obvious. I love this story, it's absolutely beautiful!!!

  115. I guess another reason this story touches me so much, is my husband is an orthopedic surgeon and has had to amputate limbs from patients, and I am always so amazed by these people who overcome their situations with such courage and confidence. Taylor you rock, dude!

  116. This story came to me across email. I was so touched and in awe of this couple that I wanted to share it with everyone on my FB page too. THIS is what true love looks like. It is rare to find. I'll remember this story for a long time. Incredibly inspiring.

  117. Thank you for opening up your life and sharing your most private struggles. You, Taylor, are truly an inspiration and what younger people should emulate. Thank you for your ultimate sacrifice. Thank you Tim for documenting his journey!


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